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Rich in beta-carotene and vitamin C, carrots are also very rich in fibre. Indicated in case of colitis and liver and stomach disorders, purifying and diuretic, they also help in case of stones and cystitis. But they also help the summer tan! And they are allies of fitness in every season.

Incredibly versatile in the kitchen, a must among the smells to prepare meat sauce or vegetable sauce, carrots are an ingredient for the healthiest centrifuges. And they are the undisputed protagonists of many salads and a delicious cake that is easy to prepare.

In strips, slices, julienne, matches, cubes or sticks, they are always delicious. They blacken if cut but to block the blackening it is sufficient to spray them with lemon juice which prevents oxidation.

Good not only raw, boiled carrots together with green beans and potatoes are a classic spring side dish on Italian tables. When cooked in the oven with breadcrumbs or flavored with parsley or paprika, they are a tasty and crunchier side dish more wintery.

Try them in the crudité version for a colorful vinaigrette: cut into strips and placed in a large boule (together with peppers, Belgian endive, radicchio, celery, fennel, cucumber), next to the sauce of extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper, or cups of exotic sauces (tzatziki, tuna mousse, chickpea hummus, guacamole), will also delight those on a diet at your table.

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